Overwhelmed by a cluttered inbox?

Unsubscribing from old and irrelevant newsletters and advertisements isn’t just about decluttering—it’s about protecting your personal information. Every unnecessary subscription is a potential risk, exposing your data to more entities than necessary.

Spring clean your inbox and manage data access automatically with minimi.
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The Risks of Staying Subscribed

Keeping those unwanted emails can lead to:

How to Declutter Your Inbox

Here’s how to tidy up your email subscriptions and boost your data security:

minimi Makes Unsubscribing Easy

Managing subscriptions can be a drag. Let minimi do it for you.

"Sometimes spam filters just don't cut it. minimi made it easy to sort through thousands of emails and get rid of all the junk." - Sam S., Berlin

Stay Organized and Secure

Unsubscribing from unnecessary emails is a small step with big benefits for your data security and peace of mind. By cutting down on the number of places where your data is stored, you can better protect your personal information and enjoy a clutter-free inbox.

Cleaning up your email subscriptions is more than just decluttering your inbox—it’s about taking control of your data. With minimi, managing your email preferences and protecting your personal information has never been easier. Your data, your rules. Join the waitlist